Ten Years from Now


It is common for young people to wish to be older than they are. How would you like to be older than you are right now? How about 10 years from now? What do you think or hope you will look like then? Is there anything you could imagine you might miss doing in ten years that you do now at your present age? Where will you be living? What things will be going on in your life? Who are your friends? What will you be doing then that you can't do now?

This week, you are going to be directed to write 3 paragraphs for your writing assignment. In this activity you are going to place yourself 10 years from now. It will help if you make a brainstorming list beforehand. On the lines below, write down all the words and phrases you can think of that might describe how you will be living 10 years from now. These can be things like how you look, how and where you are living, any hobbies you might have, any job(s) you might have, special activities you are enjoying, and any accomplishments.

  1. ________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________________
  5. ________________________________________________
  6. ________________________________________________
  7. ________________________________________________
  8. ________________________________________________
  9. ________________________________________________
  10. ________________________________________________

Study your brainstorming list. See the paragraphs forming in your mind. The first paragraph of this activity should introduce the topic, "(Your Name) In Ten Years". You will use this topic as your title. Any beginning paragraph is fine. You may choose to be serious. For example, "Ten years from now I can see myself being very different from the way I am now." Or you can pose a question, such as, "What if it where possible to see ten years into the future?" You may choose to introduce the activity through humor. For example, you may choose a topic sentence like, "I may be a bean-pole now, but wait until you see me in 10 years!"

Your first paragraph should have at LEAST three sentences, including your topic sentence. The sentences following your topic sentence should explain to the audience that you are going to explore the fantasy of seeing yourself 10 years into the future. You should not explain anything about your life at this time, you should just be preparing your audience for the theme of the activity.

The second paragraph will be the main part of the activity. You should choose about 4-5 ideas from your brainstorming list and develop them in this paragraph. Write one sentence about each idea. Make sure you lead into each sentence so that your writing is not choppy. You may choose to be serious or funny in your writing, or you may choose to combine both serious and humorous writing.

In your third and final paragraph, you should focus on restating and summing up the topic. You should include in this paragraph how you feel about the possibilities you have outlined for your future.

Once you have written your paragraph, be sure to check for the following:

  1. ____ Have you written a clear and interesting topic sentence?
  2. ____ Are your sentences complete?
  3. ____ Does your first paragraph introduce the topic in an interesting way?
  4. ____ Have you checked for any misspelled words?
  5. ____ Have you used vivid, interesting words and phrases in your writing to paint a clear picture to the reader?
  6. ____ Does the final paragraph sum up the topic and your feelings about it?

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