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Well folks, it was bound to happen.  Geffen Records took notice of my page, informed me I wasnot allowed to post the songs without permission, and that's that.  I'm trying to obtainpermission, but their representative says they've never approved full length audio clips.Reducing this page to mere 30 second clips would be a waste of time for you and me.  By now,the 81,900 of you who visited my page faithfully over the past year have them anyway.  Therest of you go to your local record store and buy the bootlegs that have those treasuredrare songs.  Hey, bootlegging's illegal, right?  Hmmm.....I can not and will not honor any requests for the clips once found here.  If you linked to anyof the files on my page, please remove the links immediately.  If you are a web page owner whohas full length clips, get rid of them before the "man" comes and gets you too.  I will admitthat Geffen was not overbearing and simply asked me to remove the songs, but you'd be mad ifyou were me too.  I wasted too many hours on this page, so I hope some of you enjoyed it.I'll probably post my e-mail correspondence with the Geffen rep here sometime so you can allsee and understand our crazy legal system and how it works against people like us.This page will remain down until permission is recieved or I change it to something dumb likeanother picture-guitar tab-lyric archive or something.  Thanks to all of you who made me care,and most of all thanks to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana who made the music we all cherish.---------------------------------------------------------------All the kids will eat it up, if it's packaged properly---------------------------------------Nirvana, "Aero Zeppelin"They sure did.Mike Litzingerbobafett@toolcity.net

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