These sites have little or nothing to do with education, but, as the title implies are "neat or helpful."

  • Photopoint, Store digital photos online and send to friends and family. Make photo albums, slideshows and movies from your favorite pictures.

  • Acronym Finder, A searchable database of 101,200 acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings
  • Alta Vista Translator, Translates any website into other pick the language! AMAZING!
  • Ask An Expert, Need to know and don't know where to turn? This is the place! This site puts you in touch with experts in science and technology, education, health, law, the arts and entertainment, etc.
  • America's Job Bank, Job listings for all 50 states!
  • Babynamer.Com, Index of over 18,000 names to choose from; find out what your name means
  • Complete Children's Party Survival Guide, Party games, ideas shared from other party-throwers
  • CoolSavings, Coupon site; subscribe and have coupon specials announced directly to your email
  • Countdown!, Calculate the time between any two events. How many seconds left 'til the year 2000? How many minutes has your dog been alive? Do it all here!
  • CrayonCrawler, Download this web safety software to protect your kids from the dangerous or unsavory places on the net. Teaches children safe surfing including a filter for email and connections to safe chat spaces!
  • CyberGold, Earn money while you surf! This site will credit your Visa card, direct deposit to your bank account or donate to a favored charity for your spending time investigating commercial sites. Make purchases and earn even more!
  • DialPad, Can you believe it? FREE long distance phone calls via the internet. Cell phone sound quality and easy to do!
  • Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides, Need to purchase a new or used car, but you aren't sure what is a fair market price? Want to know reliability data? Check out Edmund's!
  • Electric Library, A subscription site. Bring the library home! For a monthly fee, search through thousands of resources for information. (Free trial subscription.)
  • Electronic Greeting Card Page, Send a greeting card to your friends on the internet!
  • Etoys, Not sure what toys to buy that neice or nephew? This site will tell you what the favorites are at any age level and then let's you order them online
  • ExpertCity.Com, Get live tech support when you need it! Get live help NOW!
  • Furniture Arranger, Using free Shockwave software, rearrange your livingroom, bedroom or office furniture online.
  • Hometime, Do-It-Yourself instructions for all kinds of home projects.
  • How far is it?, Planning a trip and want to know how far it is to your destination? Find out how far it is from one geographic location to another!
  • Instant Web Pages in 10 Easy Lessons, Want to put your own page on the web. Do it with CNET's help and 10 easy they say. Try it and see!
    • Geocities, Register for 2 megabytes of free web space to store your own homepage; online support
  • Intellicast, Weather report for the US. Choose your state and get a report.
  • Learn2.Com: The Ability Utility, Directions for doing just about anything!
  • Lost and Found, Report lost property to a central database; crime information available also
  • MapQuest, Let MapQuest help you plan the route on your next trip. Road maps at the touch of a key; route and distance information.
  • The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet, Links to radio stations all over the world where you can listen to broadcasts over the internet with RealAudio Player which is a free download!
  • Navigator, the home page used by the newsroom of The New York Times for forays into the Web. Its primary intent was to give reporters and editors new to the Web a solid starting point for a wide range of journalistic functions
  • Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder, Index to research tools on the web
  • The On-Line Books Page, Over 8000 titles and authors online in full-text!
  • OnSale/Egghead, Electronics auction site; bid on new and refurbished computers, AV equipment, cameras, coffeemakers, breadmakers, telephones, etc. Fun site that may help you save a bundle on that new purchase! Or go to AtCost section of site and buy new, fully warranteed items at $10.00 over cost!
  • PBS Online, PBS provides wonderful entertainment and information, but you'll find even more here! Listings of upcoming programs, supplemental information for many programs.
  • Photopoint, Store digital photos online and send to friends and family. Make photo albums, slideshows and movies from your favorite pictures.
  • Project Guttenburg, Full texts of over 1000 literary works free and online!
  • Publishers Clearing House, Enter the sweeps online! Order magazines too, if that appeals to you
  • Roger Ebert's Movie Reviews, Search archives of Roger's reviews or read reviews of new releases! Courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times.
  • Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Type in a food item and the site will provide data on calorie, fat content, vitamin content, etc.
  • Senior Town Square, Have an elderly family member and need info about legal and financial services, government and non-profit programs, travel, discussion, health, etc. You'll find it all here!
  • Shareware.Com, CNET's shareware download site
  • Stock Smart, Follow your favorite stocks with 15-minute delayed quotes, build a portfolio and keep track of profits and losses, etc.
  • Trend Micro Housecall, Run a check for viruses on your hard disk from this webpage; caution! will find, but not fix discovered viruses
  • Unclaimed Assets, Tax refunds not claimed, undistributed retirement accounts, lost or forgotten stocks and bonds, etc. Order the book to find out if you're one of the benefactors!
  • Whats For Sale, Shopping resources, buyers' guides and consumer links, what's on sale on the web! Nice!!!
  • WhoWhere?, Find that old roommate, a high school sweetheart or long lost friend. Search the web for phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses, businesses, etc.
  • WWW Speed Trap Registry, Find out where you are apt to run into state troopers lurking behind grassy knolls or bridge abuttments pounce on you with a speeding ticket; speed traps at home and abroad.

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