The Debate

There IS good news about American education. Good things are happening quietly everyday in our public schools. Good news doesn't sell television news or newspapers. Here you will find the news that the media and public officials don't tell you. Public education exists in the context of local communities. Those communities have a direct impact on the quality of their educational institutions. Discussion about the state of public education has become a national pastime. Check out some news that may help to inform the debate.

You will also find information about models and exemplary programs that work. If the model programs you find here aren't what you see in your child's school, share the information with your district administration and work TOGETHER to make it better. Yes, we can make public education better, but we won't do it by abandoning it!

Information about privatization, it impact on education is included along with information on vouchers and charter schools. A new section on Standards has also been added.

For further information on education reform check out the books at Try me for Education Reform Info

Models and Exemplary Programs

What Works in American Public Education

The State of Public Education



Implications for Public Education


Charter Schools




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