Marian appearances and their accompanying phenomena are on a dramatic increase. One report showed 4 Marian appearances in each year from 1940 to 1960, 8 in 1970, 30 in 1980 and 15 to date in the 1990s. The following cites report on this increase, showing the spirit posing as Mary is moving in the world to bring in the reign of the Sacred Heart.

SITE ONE: Major Apparitions Of The Nineteen And Twentieth Centuries

From the time of Adam, God has spoken to His saints and prophets through visions, dreams, and inner voices . . . .

Miraculous events are common occurances in the worlds of the Old and New Testaments and the lives of the saints are marked by supernatural intervention. In our times, the Eternal Father seems to also be grabbing ordinary people from our midst to use as His mouthpieces. He is calling us to honor the covenant He made with us so that His "will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

The last century-and-a-half has seen numerous accounts of appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus, Himself, is said to speak to a few of the seers. Some of the apparitions have received official approval by the Roman Catholic Church. Common threads running through all the messages are: Jesus has been offended by the multiplication of sins against His Sacred Heart; and Mary exhorts humanity to prayer and repentance and an increased devotion to the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession. A simple message, but the alternative, we are warned, is a great chastisement which will befall mankind.

The Apparitions list includes Year, Location, Visionary Approval Codes, Links, References and Credits. One of the links is to an Apparition internet mailing list:

Apparitions List: Apparitions List is an internet mailing list dedicated to sharing information of all approved apparitions by the Catholic Church, and all reputable on-going apparitions, that are not contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Much of the information on the various sites was taken from the archives of this internet mailing list.

SITE TWO: Some Purported Marian Apparitions in the Last Half of the Twentieth Century

The listings that follow note the year the purported apparition first began (a number of apparitions have lasted more than two years), the location of the apparition site, the visionaries involved and a very brief description of the principal types of events that are reported to occur. The list is shown in two parts - Western Hemisphere apparitions and apparitions elsewhere in the world. The events indicated with an asterisk denote approval by the local bishop; otherwise, the listing only indicates celebrity, not necessarily the validity or authentication of the apparition itself or the messages and phenomena reportedly occurring. . . .

Aside from this listing of purported Marian apparition sites in the Americas, there have been dozens more reported from other locations around the world, the most famous being the on-going apparitions at Medjugorje.

The following are the sites of purported Marian apparitions located outside the Western Hemisphere, the events indicated with an asterisk have received the approval of the local Bishop. . . .

The site includes varied physical phenomena reported at Marian apparition sites can be categorized into four basic types: solar phenomena, physical healings, changes in state and stigmata. The site closes with this statement:

Perhaps the most important effect these occurrences create is the growth in spiritual awareness and prayerfulness. Tens of millions of people worldwide have conducted pilgrimages and created prayer groups as the direct result of the Marian apparition phenomena. The "miracle" of rosaries changing color is not the color change but the return to an active prayer life by many who visit the sites of Marian apparitions.

SITE THREE: Trends In Marian Visions - 1996:

This section of the Web site is devoted to a review of recent developments in the overall character of recurring Marian apparitions and the events that appear to be related to them.

Specific long-running apparitions appear to change in character over time, perhaps reflecting the changing moral and spiritual condition of the local society in which they take place. This page will attempt to identify changes in apparition content and so will be updated from time to time as developments warrant. This section is not intended to report on the latest apparition "news", there are other Web sites and newsgroups where such information is readily available. A short listing of a few of these is provided at the end of this section.

Some of the trends that are examined listed under these headings:

These words follow the above examination of current Marian trends:

In managing this site, I have received reports of Marian visions and messages from all over the world that have generally gone unreported by the popular media. Several of these purported visionaries have mentioned an event that will occur within the next three years which can only be described as a second Pentecost. Their reports appear credible and the description of this unusual event has many of the characteristics of the Warning described at Garabandal and elsewhere. It will be for many an enormous gift of Mercy, a last chance to repent and return to God.

Several of these purported visionaries reportedly had their visions decades ago, long before the apparitions at Garabandal and Medjugorje became well-known. Further, their visions include reports of a massive return to the Church and claims that someone else will claim to be the author of this Divine intervention thus confusing those who wish to return to God. It will mark the onset of truly Biblical times!

In light of all this, the messages of trust in the mercy and unfathomable love of Jesus take on additional urgency.

It then discusses in great detail the following:

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SITE FOUR: Trends In Marian Visions - 1997:

Included at this site is discussion on:

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