Ask and it shall be given Thee

Seek and Ye shall find

Knock and it shall be opened unto You

Constituded January 7, A.D. 1961 5961

7:30 P.M.


Elected Officers for 2002
Frank L Baranyai PM
Worshipful Master
4095 Pine Dr.
Cochranton, PA 16314
James C Cokley PM
Senior Warden
22949 Creveling Rd
Cochranton, PA 16314
Christopher J Youngs
Jr. Warden
170 S Franklin St
Cochranton, PA 16314
Harry L. Wood
P.O. Box #99
Cochranton, PA 16314
(814) 425-7926
Richard E Lawhead PDDGM
192 S Smith St.
Cochranton, PA 16314
James C. Smith - PM
Robert J. Morrison
Phillip P Baranyai 
Alan M Steadman PM
Representative in Grand Lodge
Richard E Lawhead PDDGM
Substitute representative in Grand Lodge
Klaus Sturzebecher
Elroy C. Dalton PM
Senior Deacon
Christopher C Parker
Alfred L Hartick III PM
Senior Master of Ceremonies
Alan M Steadman PM
Junior Master of Ceremonies
James P Averill
Glenn C. Lesh
Robert K. Loper, Ricky D. Babbitt & Curtis Trimble
Grievance Charity Instruction
Robert K Loper Paul A Fullerton PM Lewis C. Schaff PM
George W Herzberger III Alan M. Steadman PM William T White PM
Harry L. Wood William R. Gilmore Alfred L. Hartick, III, PM 

Masonic Education Visitation Lodge History
James C Smith PM Edward K. Loper James C Smith PM
William T White PM Harry R Pierce Alan M. Steadman PM
Frank L. Baranyai, PM John Morrison Richard E. Lawhead PM

 PAST District Deputy Grand Master
Richard E. Lawhead PM
192 Smith Street
Cochranton, PA 16314
(814) 425-2224
Fax: (814) 425-1487
Richard Lawhead

District Deputy Grand Master
Jack E. Flaugh
9621 Krider Rd. Meadville Pa. 16335

District Chairman for Membership Development William T White PM

Lodge Youth Foundation Representative
William W. Hough
9884 Hough Road
Meadville, PA 16335
(814) 337-5342

District Chairman Masonic Education
Frank L. Baranyai PM
4095 Pine Drive
Cochranton, PA 16314
(814) 425-3562

Past Masters
Paul W. Anderson 1938 D Christopher Apesos 1979
David H. Mc Carl (408) 1952 D Lewis C. Griffin 1980 U
Paul A. Fullerton (547) 1972 Edward G. Kiter 1981
David H. Mc Carl 1961 D Richard P. Walker 1982 U
Karl W. Senn 1962 D Edwin D. Roberts Sr. 1983
Harold B. Hovis 1963 D David E. Albaugh 1984
H. Edwin Moore 1964 U Daniel A. Jackson 1985
Martin J. Swartzbauer 1965 D Alfred L. Hartick III 1986
Lewis C. Schaff 1966 Richard E. Lawhead 1987
Floyd G. Wood 1967 Gary W. Hollabaugh 1988
Francis H. Sexton 1968 D Grant E. Shorts 1989
John H. Jackson 1969 Glenn F. Woods 1990
Richard E. Lawhead 1970 James C. Smith 1991
William T. White 1971 James A. Cokley 1992
Calvin R. Apel 1972U Keith E. Peterson 1993
Robert L. Devore 1973 Richard E. Lawhead 1994
Neil A. Jones 1974 James C. Smith 1995
Jack E. Park 1975 D William T. White 1996
Raymond D. Armstrong 1976 D Frank L. Baranyai 1997
Gerald A. Emigh 1977 Frank L. Baranyai 1998
John A. Hamilton Jr. 1978 Frank L. Baranyai
James A Cokley
Alan M Steadman
D=Deceased  U=Unaffiliated
Masonic Lodge

Grand Lodge of Pa. F&AM

Pine Lodge

Crawford County Police Cochranton Masonic Lodge
Cochranton's Heritage
Chief's Awards Law Enforcement Links

I had a GREAT visit to Ireland this Aug. - Bro. Robert F Chapple WM of Lodge 14 in Galway Bay Ireland was kind enough
to open his Lodge for a visit.

Bro. Bob and I exchange a Masonic greeting

  Bro. Bob in his Master's Chair

Bro. Frank's turn in the Master's Chair

Lodge 14 Galway Bay Ireland

Its nice to know that whenever Masons meet - There is also FRIENDSHIP. Bob and his wife, show my wife and I a very good time. Bro. Bob took my wife and I back to the town where my wife's grandparents came from. We had a great time.

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