Poppin' Fresh was released in 1971 as a 7" vinyl doll. He came with a white plastic stand that had "Poppin' Fresh" in raised letters on it. It came in a royal blue box with an open front and was distributed under Pillsbury Playthings.

Poppie Fresh was released in 1973. It's not clear if she's Poppin's wife, girlfriend or sister - there is a huge debate among collectors. She also came with a stand in a box but her box was sky blue.

These dolls can still be found at flea markets, auctions, garage sales, etc. The plastic stands are somewhat hard to find. Every once in a while you can find Poppin' and Poppie in the original box; however, this is becoming more rare. The plastic cellophane is often torn or ripped and is often missing completely. The box was designed with an open front, so if your lucky enough to find a box it will surely be bent or dented at the top.

There also is Granmommer and Granpopper. They were released in 1974 from Pillsbury Playthings. They're also hard to find. As far as I know they were originally available together as a boxed set.


The biggest collectable from this series has to be the three story vinyl playhouse. It was issued in 1974. Inside the playhouse there were four finger puppets; Poppin', Poppie, a little boy named Popper and a baby named Bun Bun. They each have their separate "room" in the house. Poppin' was on the first level with two built-in chairs, Poppie and Popper are on the second level with two built in chairs next to Poppie and Bun Bun is in the top level. The back paper insert has the following "sales pitch". "It's a Playhouse. Poppin' Fresh and his friends, Poppie Fresh, Bun Bun and Popper have their very own house with three floors, molded furniture, and a fold out patio. Soft vinyl finger puppets are sized just right for little hands to move about the house. Each unbreakable figure has an integral molded base for free standing play." and "It's a Carry Case. The Poppin' Fresh Playhouse folds up and fastens shut to provide a 'take me along' playset for Poppin' Fresh and his friends. There is plenty of room inside for all the finger puppets, plus the many little extra's children love to pick up and carry around. Satisfies the preschool child's desire to carry his favorite little toys with him. Wherever he goes, the Poppin' Fresh Playhouse goes along." This item was originally sold in stores such as G.C. Murphy's and other five and dime stores for around $3.00.

The finger puppets were also available in boxes as a set. One set was titled "Poppin' Fresh and His Pals". This set included Poppin', Popper and a dog named Flapjack. The other set "Poppie Fresh and Her Pals" included Poppie, Bun Bun and a cat named Biscuit.


The rarest item in the Pillsbury Playthings series is Uncle Rollie. Uncle Rollie was available in a car colored the distinctive Pillsbury blue. The car has white wheels and dark blue and white headlights designed as eyes. The car also has a rumble seat in the back, a license plate with "Rollie" on the back and is dated 1974 on the bottom. Uncle Rollie is finger puppet with a mustache. He's wearing a green ascot and a light yellow hat with an orange brim. - A very distinguished looking fellow. He's very hard to find, especially with the car!

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