Born: August 22, 1967 in Kirkland, WA

When Layne was seven, his parents divorced. He began
to play the drums around the age of 12. He joined many
different glam bands in the years that followed.

Layne always wanted to sing when he played his drums,
so his groupies at the time told him that he should sing
instead since drummers rarely sang. Layne traded in his
drum set for a microphone and delay.

While at a party in Seattle in 1987, he met Jerry Cantrell
who suggested the two start a band. He introduced Layne to
Mike Starr, who then introduced him to Sean Kinney.

Layne is known to be an intelligent witty man who loves his
music. He is also an artist. Layne did the artwork for his
sideproject, Mad Season's, album. His artwork can also
be found in the Dirt sleeve. His best known is probably the
AIC Sun Logo in the sleeve.

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