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This is the home page of

John and Karen Silvis

of Corry, Pa.




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This Home Page is about my Home Town

Corry Pa. that is located in Northwestern

Pa. About 35 miles from Erie Pa.

I hope to be able to bring you news and events

that are going on here in Corry

with pictures and other Items of news.

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This is a picture of my wife Karen and me

We have been married for 31 years.

Karen is a nurse and is employed with

The Corry Manor Nursing Home

and a graduate from   Corry high the class of 1960

and I am  a graduate from Corry High class of 1957

employed with the Corry Area

School District and work at Columbus School.

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in the Corry Area that would bring back memories

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- Some of my Favorite home pages -

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Corry Alliance Church


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Look at the Offical Corry Pa. Home page


Web Site - click here -              eagle.gif (32066 bytes)


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Corry Historical Museum                hots.gif (12064 bytes)

                               Home Page

Corry Historical Society      New8.gif (4057 bytes)

monthly meeting page... 

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Pastor William Hazlett's Home Page


Pavers Nest Home page


Wattsburg Pa. Web Site


Tim Waker's Home Page on

The History of Corry Pa.


Here is a Interesting North Western Pennsylvania site

Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society

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A great new Web Site to visit



To see what is happening or

going on in Corry click here.        Spiked~1.gif (7695 bytes)

this directory 07/12/99


Corry Mead Park Page


Click here to go to            

Columbus School

                                    Columbus home page updated  11-27-2002


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The U.S. Brig Niagara

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Pictures of Class of 1960 Alumni meeting                     New8.gif (4057 bytes)     

Held Saturday evening at the Gingerbread House      

Click here to view the pictures.



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Click here for Alumni 2003 pictures

Alumni Meeting and Dinner Pictures.

Updated June23rd 2003 



                  Jeff Lloyd's Homepage of The first Corry undefeated football

                  team. The Class of 1953. His father Frank Lloyd was on the 

                  team. This is clips out of the newspaper with pictures, This is

                  a great history of Corry Football. ckeck it out at.

                                      Click here to visit the site.


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Home of the Corry Beavers Class of 1957 was the last

undefeated football team in Corry

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Class of 1957 - 45th Class reunion

Pictures of

The class party held at Springcreek Sportsman's Club

on the 14th of June

Click here to join the party


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Class of 1957 Class reunion

Pictures of Saturday Night

party at Americian Legion

and Sunday Morning

Summer Wind Breakfast Buffet

Cruise on Lake Chatauqua

Click here

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Corry High School Grads..............

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Name and E-mail address so that your

Classmates and friends can send you e-mail


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The url and I will list it here.y


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