ORYX Initiative by the Joint Commission

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This page was last updated: December 14, 2002

ORYX Initiative by the Joint Commission

ORYX is the Joint Commission’s initiative to integrate performance measures into the accreditation process. Performance measures are collected monthly and submitted electronically to JCAHO. The intent is to have a data-driven continuous improvement process that is used as part of the accreditation process.

JCAHO is interested in helping health care organizations to focus on the outcomes of care by using standardized performance measures to examine their practice and the results obtained. Health care organizations are required to incorporate approved performance measures into their quality improvement initiatives. Agencies use the performance measures to compare their performance over time. Additionally JCAHO benchmarks these performance measures across agencies so they can compare their quality of care with others.

Agencies do not submit their performance measures directly to JCAHO. Rather, they submit it to a vendor that is responsible for statistically analyzing the data and developing comparison reports for their respective agencies. Performance measurement systems can recommend standardized core measures or agree to select existing ones already approved by JCAHO.

According to JCAHO, core measures:

In addition to agencies obtaining comparison of their performance over time as well as comparison with other agencies, the surveyors use this data as part of the on-site process.

There are different core measures used in different types of health care organizations as part of the accrediting process. Hospitals have 4 initial core measures:

Longer term care and home health care can use the already-collected data sets required by HCFA: Minimum Data Set (MDS) in long-term care and the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) – for home health care.