Are Jackalopes Real?

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Subject: are jackalopes real?

hi, my name is christi-ann emous and my boyfriend and i are having an
argument concerning the jackalope.  he says that it is real and i say
that it is fake.  what is the truth?  i would really like to know.
thank you,
christi-ann emous

    You'd be amazed at just how many of these kinds of messages I receive. When I originally made these pages, I never thought so many people actually believed that there really was a jackrabbit-with-antlers creature called the "jackalope". Just the name, meaning a hybrid mix of both jackrabbit and antelope led me to believe few would fall for the notion there was such an beast. Even if this was for some reason taken for truth, I figured the really cheesy/dead looking jackalope postcards totally gave it away...

Boy, was I wrong. If I had a nickel for every time someone emailed me asking to settle a bet or tell them the truth regarding the existence of the jackalope, I could afford to purchase my own server for this site.

Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the jackalope is not real.  It is an urban legend from out west, made up quite a long time ago, popularized mostly by denizens of the local taverns.  There never were any real jackalopes, and probably never will be.

However, if you have a bet riding on the existence of the said mentioned creature, drop by the City of Douglas, Wyoming home page. Not only is Douglas the home of the jackalope, but the Chamber of Commerce there will mail you a free jackalope pin as well as a quite authentic looking "Limited Non-Resident Jackalope License".
Also quite convincing is Prof. Chuck Holliday's page, which gives some "scientific proof" of the fabulous horned rabbits. With it, you can quite easily dupe someone else into believing. ;)

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