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Paul Bullock

Release 50 -  6/04/01

Bullock and Rector Family

The Bullock and Rector families intersected on September 6, 1911, when Homer Bullock and Mary Florence Rector were married in Milo, Yates County, NY at the home of the bride's parent's, Stephen Milton and Minnie Nichols Rector. Homer was born in 1888 and Mary 1889. They lived in Yates County, NY; Seneca County, NY; Abra Grande, Isle of Pines, Cuba; and Ontario County, NY. They had six children: Herman Stephen, Philip Gerald, Ruth Hope, Robert Homer, Calvin Fenton, and Paul David Bullock. Homer died in 1957 and Mary in 1973 and both are buried in the East Bloomfield Cemetery, East Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY.

Homer's ancestors came from England to Rehoboth, MA in 1643; to Dutchess County in 1750; to Columbia County in 1795; and to Yates County in 1845. Several Bullocks were in the NY State militia during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. The Bullocks were mainly farmers until the late 1800s when Herman owned and operated a grape basket factory in Barrington, Yates County in the late 1800s. Edgar Bullock, with the help of his brother Homer, operated a large basket factory in the Isle of Pines, Cuba for transporting pineapples from Cuba to the United States. Homer and Mary's daughter Ruth Hope Bullock was born in Cuba.

The Richters came to England from the Rhineland Palitinate in 1708; to New York, NY in 1710; to the "West Camp," Becksmanland, NY; to Livingston Manor, Columbia County, NY. They were on subsistence rolls in New York and West Camp, and were tenant farmers in Columbia County. Andreas Richter, born in 1762, became Andrew Rector and migrated to Benton, Yates County, NY in 1817. Although it is known that Andreas lived in the same area as other known Richters, it is not certain who his parents were. The Rectors farmed their own land and, in the late 1800s, Mary's father, S. M. Rector, was a farmer and a carpenter.

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