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The East West Center of Cleveland is back in action after a research sabbatical.

Macrobiotic Lecture: "Super Health & How To Get It" (9:30 AM)
& Cooking Class (11:30 AM - 1 PM)
with lunch at 1 PM
with Bob Carr
in Nashville TN
February 19, 2011
more info, click here


Spiritual Practices Weekend
with Bob Carr
in Atlanta GA
March 18-20, 2011
more info, click here


Bob Carr at the
Holistic Holiday at Sea
Feb. 27-March 6, 2011
more info, click here


French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp
July 9-17, 2011
(see below for more info)


the 26nd Annual International Macrobiotic Summer Conference 2011
(see below for more info)
"Mind-Body-Spirit - Your Life in Balance"
taking place August 4-7, 2011.

Bob Carr will be available for private consultations by appointment
$300/individual; $450 couple/family


Macrobiotic Summer Camps in California and New York 2011

Macrobiotic summer camps are offered next year, one by The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation (GOMF) and one by the Kushi Institute. The GOMF camp will be held in California in the high Sierra mountains (the French Meadows Reservoir Campsite in Lake Tahoe National Forest). The GOMF Family Camp, called The French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp, will be held on held from July 9-17, 2011 and has a children's program, as well as a full series of classes and activities. Packy Conway and Susan Jensen will be the head cooks. Carl Ferre is the director and a principal speaker, along with others, such as Bob Carr, David and Cynthia Briscoe, Melanie Waxman, Ronald Koetzsch PhD, and Julia Ferre. Barb Jurecki, famous macrobiotic cooking instructor from Cleveland, Ohio, will also be helping in the kitchen, as well as teaching Feng Shui. The GOMF camp is held outdoors, with no buildings. Food is cooked on wood burning stoves. Swimming is either in a mountain stream or a giant resevoire lake. Bears and coyotes and deer are usually to be seen in their own habitat. Cost is $756.5/adult, $382.50/children 3 to 16, call for babies under 3. Early payment discounts available. For more info or a brochure, call 1-800-232-2372.

Kushi Institute presents the 26nd Annual International Macrobiotic Summer Conference 2011, Mind-Body-Spirit Your Life in Balance. The conference takes place August 4-7, 2011 at the IBM Palisades on the Hudson, near NYC Come experience a wide range of health and healing topics with leading experts, authors and spiritual leaders. Relax and socialize at our macrobiotic cafe.

If you are looking for excellent health, smoother emotions, greater vitality and wellbeing, better relationships and natural beauty, contact the Kushi Institute Summer Conference Office at #1-800-975-8744 for more information.

The East West Center of Cleveland is a macrobiotic education organization. Food can nourish or destroy us. It is our biological foundation and no one can do without it. To understand food's effect on our bodies, emotion, social life, mind and spirit, we need to understand the natural order and the way of life, as well as the unifying principle behind all phenomena, what the Chinese called yin and yang, what Judaic-Christian scriptures call The Law or the Holy Spirit, what science calls positive negative, what Native Americans call Great Spirit. They are all talking about the same thing. We make these ancient understandings mysteries comprehensible and practicable. How should we cook to be healthy, happy and satisfied? How do we avoid or treat sickness? How do we establish world peace? Join our activities as we address these issues.


Membership to the East West Center of Cleveland is $25 per year.
You don't have to be a member to join events, classes, dinners, etc. Membership is mostly supportive of our educational activities, including this website. Members do, however, get a $3/person discount at the bi-weekly meals.
For info, call 216-371-1671 or E-mail

The East West Center of Cleveland is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Ohio. Your support is greatly appreciated. General donations gladly accepted. Make out check to East West Center of Cleveland and mail to 2471 Derbyshire Rd, Cleve. Hts. OH 44106.


The East-West Center is Cleveland's first macrobiotic center, offering consultation services, cooking classes, Wednesday night dinners, shiatsu/acupressure massage, speaker services, lectures, pot luck suppers and special events.

One Hour Shiatsu Session w/Bob Carr
Cost: $80

Make appointment by calling 216-371-1671

Individual Cooking Instructions
Service includes help with menu planning, recipes and shopping tips.
Private cooking instruction tailored to an individual's specific health requirements and level of experience with macrobiotic cooking can be arranged with a qualified macrobiotic cook.

Wednesday Macro Dinner or Meal to Go
Complete meals to go are available on Wednesdays. They include soup, whole grains, noodles, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables and dessert. Most ingredients are organic. Meals are ready to eat or take out by 6:30 p.m. Cost: $15/person ($12/members). You must make reservations or order by preceding Tuesday. Call 216-371-1671

Macrobiotic Consultation w/Bob Carr
Over thirty years experience with health evaluation and macrobiotic recommendations. Cost: $300. By appointment only. Call 216-371-1671.
E-mail consultations: $100
E-mail + phone consultation: $200



Hands on practice. Give and receive. Covers techniques, meridians, points, theory.

**WHERE: 2471 Derbyshire RD., Cleve. Hts., OH
**WHEN: When eight people express interest in forming a class, we will schedule a new series. So fill out the questionnaire/response form below, indicating your interest.**COST: $150 (Couples/$250)
**Information: Call 216-371-1671

Speakers Bureau
Bob Carr will be the speaker for your group on macrobiotics and related topics, e.g. Immune System, Super Health, Oriental Diagnosis, Foods for Inner Beauty, Weight Control, Foods and the Bible. Healing Power of Oriental Foods, Healing with Everyday Common Foods, Cause of Sickness and Suffering, etc.
Tel. 216-371-1671


Potluck Dinners

will start up again in the Summer of 2009. Keep an eye on this website for changes.

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