Welcome!  Enjoy your visit.  I am an American Muslim woman residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I accepted Islam while living in al-Quds which is the Old City of Jerusalem.  Anything you see in these pages can be ordered to adorn your home, office, masjid or publication.  You may contact me to work out the particulars.

Here is a collection of various types of art which I enjoy making.  There are four Galleries.  You will find pictures of some very large pieces of calligraphy which were made with pen and ink (some including borders made with acrylic paints).  In the gallery of Plaques is a small assortment which I call Husna al Asma... the Divine Attributes.  The "The Faces of War" is a series of drawings that I made shortly after September 11'th.  The last, and most recent gallery is "Women of the World" which is a series of portraits which is still in progress.



  Faces of War  Calligraphy  Plaques   Women of the World

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